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Yes You Can Knit with the Can-Can Yarn!

I am going to admit something you to… I love the idea of knitting, but I hate complitated patterns where you have to memorize stuff.  No thank you.  But, I want more than just a simple knitted scarf (which by the way, is the only thing that this knitter can make: scarves.) So how do you spice it up without going nuts?  Well, I have discovered that you need to look to your primary material: your yarn.

I have come across what is called here in the UK the Can-Can yarn. The yarn is essentially a netting, that when knitted makes ruffles…automatically!

See netting of the yarn?  That’s where the magic lies… 

To create a scarf, cast on about 8-10 stitches on size seven needled just like normal.

Casting On…


Starting the knit….

A few rows finished…


But don’t listen to me, check out this tutorial:

Looking for buying your can-can yarn?  Check it out here!


One ball of yarn can produce a lovely ruffled scarf! Such fun….


Happy knitting all,


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  • Bridget

    Thanks for the tip! I will have to find this yarn in the US. I have yet to make anything other than a scarf too. 🙂

  • Jennifer Waller

    thanks for your demonstration how to knit my cancan disco scarf 🙂

    • Belinda

      You are welcome! Happy knitting!! That yarn is so fun and easy to knit with…