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I am, by all sense of the definition, a newlywed. We have been married for just a few short months (five to be exact) and only living together for that amount of time too.  I am asking myself, “What the hell can you muse on?”  We haven’t been married for 5, 10 ,15 or 50 years so what kind of thoughts could I blog about here, that haven’t been heard before?

Well, to be honest.  Mine.

As I mentioned, being married is a new thing. And living with Neal is a new thing, making these musings a catalogue of the ups and downs of the institution.  (And trust me, even in just a short five months…I know that there are both.)

The weekly Monday Marriage Musings is my attempt to take on a piece of the wedding bliss pie.  Digest it, break it down and share it with my blog followers.  I do not claim to be an expert, but I will try to be honest. (As much as a newly wed should…)

So much of women’s lives are directed at finding the “One”.   And after years of seemingly never ending searching and then finding, you have to ask yourself, “Now what?” (Please note my perfectly titled blog.  Thank you very much.)  In these weekly posts, I attempt to figure out the “Now what?” phase of my life.  I also hope to share a little bit of light and a little bit of relationship hope for those who are still out there seeking their “One”.

As I write the first post of this newly formed category (as voted by my blog readers) I am thinking about all the advice I received leading up to the wedding.  The one piece that is ringing in my ears, that was even obvious on our wedding day, was being able to laugh with one another.  You see during our ceremony, whether it was nerves or that Neal’s ring didn’t fit, we found ourselves giggling throughout.  I was stressed beyond nerves, and there was laughter pulling me through.

Now, being married… I can say that the same silly sense of humor (one of things I love most about Neal) is a constant everyday occurrence in our marriage. And simply put, I love it.  Because, let’s face it… life can be a drag sometimes.  From paying bills to doing the laundry, there are so many elements that are simply not “fun”.  That’s why having someone who can make you laugh, even when you are tired or pissy is worth a million dollars.

What about other newly weds?  How important is laughter in your marriage?

Until next week…


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