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Oh How Pinteresting!

Greetings again my beloved blog readers! It is Wednesday, which means we are instore for another thrilling installment of “Oh So Pinteresting” post linking up with The Vintage Apple!

Again if you are not sure what Pinterest is or how to use it, simply check out my handy dandy and very friendly Pinterest tutorial! If you need an invitation to join up Pinterest, be sure to e-mail

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Here are my favorite pins from the week….

 Bless Jimmy Choo…

Good question to ask when things get too stressful…

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

The beautiful and classic Grace Kelly…

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

A DIY way to make lavender soap. Can’t wait to try it….

You are my sunshine.  Simple as that….

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

Classic work look. L.O.V.E.

I love my elephants….

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

I want to make this design happen in our house…


Can’t wait to see what you have pinned this week!






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