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Finding Your Sparkle

Hello my dear sweet friends! Have you ever thought about what makes you, well you? The little quirks of your personality or what gives you a bit of fire? For me, those quirks are really what sets us apart makes us feel special and different... these are our moments of sparkle. These are moments when we feel our best, we are at the top of our game and we feel (simply stated) amazing. It’s fist pumping, moon-walk dancin’, high five feeling g-o-o-d. Ain’t no stopping you! But then, we have to muck through life with errands, dirty dishes, laundry, tideious tasks at work or a never ending to-do list that doesn’t set our hearts on fire. And yes, my friends this happens to me all the time. It’s tough to sparkle when you are dealing with shitty situations or not-so fun problems. How do we keep the sparkle even through its a bit on the boring side, until we have another moment when we are feelin at the top? My method is pretty simple: I fake it, till I believe it. Need a little … [Read More...]

Instagram Fun

  • Its a grey Bank Holiday Monday here in Wales perfecthellip
  • That awesome moment when you realize your fireplace can behellip
  • We were treated to some lush green vistas on ourhellip
  • A quick stop at a 12th century abbey this Saturdayhellip
  • The stonework The rustic door Swooning a bit over thishellip
  • Ive waited months to treat ourselves to these allAmerican cookiehellip
  • Its a rainy Wednesday morning so I thought Id addhellip
  • Salads all prepped for the week ahead! This week thehellip
  • Furry friends
  • Salad prep completed for this week! This week Ive includedhellip
  • Its a mixed weather Saturday with clouds sun and sprinklinghellip
  • Meet Oscar our pup guest for the weekend!

Lovely Musings


Adding a Bit of Love and Compassion

Hello my sweet friends, and happy Friday to you! How was your week? Did you lead with passion and heart? Did you have a little pep in your step? I have to tell you this week was manic, but manic good. This week, my team launched a website that we have been working on for months, and I love and I am really proud of. {curious? Check out the site here.} On days when we are launching a big site, I … [Read More...]


3 Years and 600+ Posts: Happy Blogging Birthday to Me

Somehow, another 365 days has come and gone and I am celebrating another blogging anniversary here on this little blog. After over 600 blog posts, you would think that I would be a fountain of knowledge and advice, but truthfully I’m not. The landscape of blogging, just like myself, is constantly evolving and changing. And truthfully, many times I haven’t kept up with the changing … [Read More...]


TGIF Friends!

Yahoo yahoo, it's Friday friends! How hip hip happy does that make you? I am going to admit this to you, since we are friends, this was a tough week for me.  I was pushed and stretched and challenged, as I covered two staff members while they were out of the office.  My workload didn't just double, it nearly tripled.  (So that's fun. And when I say that,  I mean not very much fun at all.) … [Read More...]


Less Worries. More Magic.

Sometimes, we need to make our own magic.  We need to enter a room with our head and heels high, and impress the hell 0ut of everyone there.  We have ideas.  We have solutions.  We have answers.   And typically while we are making our own magic, we are also fighting fires, keeping the peace amongst the team and juggling left - right and center.  (Does this sound familar to anyone else out there, … [Read More...]


Hey Hey it Fri-YAY!

Hi friends! Whew, how happy are you that is Friday? Are you doing a little bit of a dance, because I know that I am! Tell me, how was your week? Did you own it like we chatted about on Monday? Looking back on this week, I challenged myself to own my schedule, own my to-do list, own my projects and even the not so perfect moments.  And for the most part I did.  Sure, it was frustrating and it … [Read More...]


Chatting About Moving Abroad

Well hello friends! Following up from my latest blog post with advice on an international move, I thought it would be fun to attempt my very first Periscope session on the topic a few weeks back!  I'll admit it, the Periscope session was a bit odd.  I quickly discovered that a Periscope session was essentially live vlogging so mistakes can't really be fixed.  {No pressure!} There wasn't a … [Read More...]

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Own it.

Today I need my own pep talk. I know that this week up head will be filled with twists and turns, unhappy clients to deal with, a killer to-do list and not enough time in the day or week. (I can feel the stress mounting even as I type.) When I face a week filled with obstacles and challenges before my Monday has really gotten started, I know I have two choices: The first, walk into the office … [Read More...]

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Fri-Yay Fri-Yay!

Happy Happy Friday my dear sweet friends! How are you feeling? How was this week for you? Whelp, for me... I am feeling tired after another crazy busy week.  There was plenty of hustle and a whole of heart.  Whew. But the manic crazy busy week means that I welcome the weekend with a very excited (and exhausted) heart! Neal has mentioned the idea of heading to the beach, which sounds simply … [Read More...]

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Let’s be Enthusasium Cheerleaders!

Well hello my little heart friends and Happy Monday! On Friday night, I was honored at my company's birthday party with one of the annual awards nominated by my fellow team members,  The award I that I won was 'Inspirational Colleague' and as the Managing Director described the winner (before my name was announced) he mentioned that the winner is truly the office cheerleader. Who … [Read More...]

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Hello August!

Well hello August! How did you arrive so quickly? Is summer really nearly over? Are we really in the 8th month of the year? How did that happen? I feel like the past few months has been a wonderful whirlwind, July included. But it is always nice to take a moment (or two) and just catch our breath for a moment. July was a month of  celebration, and finally feeling settled in our new house.  The … [Read More...]

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Celebrating the Good Stuff this Friday

Well hello friends! Are you oh so happy that it's Friday? I know that I am.  It's been one of those manic busy weeks, where I am constantly juggling multiple deadlines and projects....but that busy and stress has been kind of good.  It makes arriving at Friday even a bit sweeter and perfect reason to simply celebrate. Another awesome reason to celebrate is that tonight is a work night out for … [Read More...]


Thinking of an International Move? Here are My 5 Biggest Pieces of Advice

Moving across town is a stressful process, but moving internationally is a whole other stress level.  Decision to move abroad, no matter the reason, is a massive step for anyone. When Neal and I decided that I would make the move to Wales, I had no idea for the hoops and red tape we would have to go through, for me to obtain legal residency here in the UK.  We made plenty of mistakes and had many … [Read More...]

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