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A Little DIY Magic and Beating the Heatwave Creatively | Happy Friday Ya’ll!

Hi friends and to my American readers, Happy 4th of July weekend! Well this week, the summer has arrived here in the UK for sure. We are in the midst of a heatwave, breaking temperature records all across the country. And guys, I am not good with heat. Especially when I have to sit in a stifling office when I just want to be at the beach. So of course, I off set off the heat in the office with lovely blooms of roses and freesias: Just because it’s been nearly unbearable, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been creative in staying cool. One day this week, I hopped into an ice cold shower the second I got home and let me tell you…. it was glorious. It was then followed by a perfectly chilled cider with blog writing on the patio. Another little trick I use to keep cold is to put my flat sheet in the freezer. I know this sounds crazy, but it works to cool down my core temperature before going to sleep. I got the idea from Marilyn Monroe from Seven Year Itch, and if it was … [Read More...]

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  • I love when a DIY project comes together Introducing ourhellip
  • Todays blooms roses and freesias! Happy Thursday friends!
  • My wake up call this morning
  • This how my blog writing looks in the summer outdidhellip
  • Surviving the British heatwave with an ice cold shower andhellip
  • Guess who is having a crazy Saturday night? Pun intended!
  • But before the weather change I was rocking the brighthellip
  • Not a bad spot to spend a little bit ofhellip
  • Big big day! Celebrating love and marriage and equal rightshellip
  • Chester Cathedral was looking mighty pretty this morning The gardenshellip
  • Yes I am the girl who buys myself flowers Onhellip
  • Came home to discover the BEST care package ever Americanhellip

Lovely Musings

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4 Reasons to Add Wales to Your Bucket List

I have to admit fairly embarrassing: Before I met Neal in the bar in NYC I had never even heard of Wales.  I know.  I hang my head in shame.  Primarily because this is a beautiful and inviting corner of the world, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to travel a bit off the beaten path. In the three years that I have lived in Wales it’s safe to say that my heart has been taken by this unique … [Read More...]


Finding the Joy in the Wonderful Ordinary

Why hello my sweet lovely friends! How wonderfully happy are you that it's Friday? I'm going to tell you that I am doing a little sweet happy dance, because its been another one of those weeks.  One of those weeks... Where I am juggling countless meetings and a never ending to-do list. Whew.  But just like last Friday, just as stressful as the week may have been it was also really good. What's … [Read More...]

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The Power of Intuition

I’ve been thinking lately about how powerful intuition is. The ability for our brains to tell us to turn from a dangerous situation out of self preservation. I mean, that’s where intuition comes from, the idea of moving away from harm all in order to stay alive. We all know when a moment of intuition hits us unexpectedly. That feeling in the core of yourself when you are entering a … [Read More...]


A Manic Busy but a Joy Filled Week

Hi friends! How excited are you that it is Friday? Ya'll this week has been long, and exhausting and I am ready to relax a bit. How was your week? Did it whizz by, or did it drag along? But no matter, the weekend is now here, with the summer sunshine and beach day adventures are calling my name.  Of course, pair this weekend juju with a little (or rather big) iced coffee for today's Friday … [Read More...]


Darling British Bluebells at Chirk Castle | Wild & Wonderful Wales

One of my favorite things about living in Wales, is that I can experience annual events like holidays to beautiful seasonal moments that are only around for a short period of time.  This year, I was able to experience a very British moment of walking through fields of wild bluebells.  The season for bluebells is short, really just a few weeks in April, and this year I wasn't missing out!  For … [Read More...]


Ending this Week Inspired

Hi friends! It’s that magical time of the week, when we are right on the cusp of the weekend especially after a busy bee week. Are you ready to kick your heels up? Do a little dance? Jump for joy? I know I am! For us, this weekend we are able to meet up with Meaghan, a friend traveling in the UK. We are planning on showing off the beauty of North Wales on Saturday before she flys back to … [Read More...]


An Afternoon Among Sherbet Colored Buildings | Tenby, Wales

British seaside towns are unique, with brightly colored buildings that look more like cotton candy or ice cream sherbet. This is especially true of our latest beachside town conquest of Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Tenby is quirky and colourful, and for lack of better words simply wonderful. The heart of the town is uneven cobblestone lanes, that twist and turn and filled with little … [Read More...]


Accepting and Embracing Life Abroad as My ‘Normal’ | Expat Musings

Three years ago today, I arrived at Manchester International Airport with a new wedding ring on my left hand, five overstuffed suitcases in tow and (most importantly) the love of my life Neal.  I knew, even subconsciously, that my life would never be the same again for better or for worse and that I was on the edge of a great adventure. As I stood nervously on the airport curb, with my new life … [Read More...]


Choose to See the Good Stuff

Hi my darling friends, and I hope that you are getting into the full swing of things for June. June is one fantastic month, don’t you think? The days are bright and sunny, the breeze is a treat and adventure is right on the horizon. This past weekend, we went out for a bit of summer exploring right here in North Wales. First, we visited Bodnant Gardens which has a seasonal summer bloom … [Read More...]


Fri-Yay Friends!

Hi friends! Happy Fri-yay! Tell me friends, how was your first week of June? My week was a bit chaotic, all the way down to the weather.  It started with blustery weather warnings of rain and high wind, so much so that we even lit a fire in our house.  Seriously, it felt more like October than the beginning of June.  (Brrr!) But now the week is ending with bright and beautiful, with … [Read More...]


Discovering St. David’s Bishops Palace, Pembrokeshire

Why hello friends! I am excited to share with you a few photos from our weekend away at the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales. Pembrokeshire is a beautiful area of Wales, with rolling green hills, rugged coast lines and remote villages. One place that I knew I wanted to visit during our weekend away was St. David’s. Now, St. David’s is named after the patron saint of Wales, and is seeped in heritage … [Read More...]

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Taking Stock: June

Hi friends! I am feeling a bit out of sorts now that the Blog Everyday in May challenge is all settled and done, so I thought this would be a good chance to do a little taking stock post to catch up with one another. Reading: I was inspired by our trip to Pembrokeshire with incredible medieval buildings a few weeks back, so I decided to re-read World Without End by Ken Follet. The novel is epic … [Read More...]

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