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Roman Walls, a Country Home and a Lovely Cathedral

Hi friends!  We are nearing the end of Blog Everyday in May, can you believe it?  As we get to the end I thought it would be fun to share a little insider knowledge visiting our we live.  Now, I've blogged about living here in North Wales, and typically I swoon over the beauty and the history.  There are plenty wonderful days out, that I could go on and on.  In fact if you do have a trip to this nook of the world,  be sure to check out some of my archives! For today's post, I thought I woul share three easy breezy visits here in Wrexham or Chester.  Are you ready? Here we go! Visit National Trust Property of Erddig Erddig is one of my favorite spots here in North Wales. Think Downton Abbey but on a smaller scale. The house has such an interesting history, the life of the servants documented in letters and stories wonderfully.  Another wonderful detail is that the home features all of the original belongings of the family that lived in the house, even the toys in the nursery. … [Read More...]

Instagram Fun

  • Diving into the Podcast Undisclosed! For any #serial fans, this is such an interesting perspective.  Anyone else listening?
  • Celebrating 3 years of marriage at our fave local pub and this delicious whisky menu. Cheers friends! ???
  • Ending my Bank Holiday Weekend with a little blog writing, and this view doesn't hurt either.
  • And then, the sky opened up, the sun began shining and it was glorious! The water was such a lovely mix of blues!
  • Hooray for sweetly colored seaside streets. Tenby was a delightful day trip!
  • I mean just look at these bright seaside colors! ?
  • Then we headed to the colorful and delightful town of Tenby. I loved the cotton candy colors and seaside views.
  • We climbed up the hill, and as we turned around the view was the 13th century palace and St. David's Cathedral.  All this stonework in such a small space makes me swoon a bit! ?

Lovely Musings

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A Little Bit of Pride and Hustle

For today’s prompt, to share what we are the most proud of, I started thinking of all the accomplishments, especially from the post last week. What am I most proud of? What makes me pull my shoulders back, walk with confidence and feel simply good? And of all the moments and accomplishments, I have to admit that growing and establishing my career here in Wales is something I am damn proud of. I … [Read More...]

Neal Belinda s W-1908

Celebrating Love and Laughter on Our Wedding Anniversary

I have something to admit to you all. When I organised the prompts for Blog Everyday in May, I planned them all around today’s prompt. You see, today is our third wedding anniversary so I love the idea of infusing more love into the world today with the prompt: “Love is...” My short answer, love is everything. Love is powerful. Love is earth shaking and inspiring. Love is engrossing and … [Read More...]

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Being Brave | Blog Everyday in May

For today's prompt of Blog Everyday in May, we are talking all about how we are braves and moments when we have been brave. Bravery is a big concept, and I bet many of us don’t even think that we are brave. Brave to do that right thing, to follow your heart, lead with compassion and character. Standing up for the little guy. Believing in a cause. And even taking calculated risks. … [Read More...]

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Blogging Tips from Me to You

One of my favorite parts of blogging is how much we can learn from one another within the blogging community. Each of us have had learning lessons, no matter how long we’ve been blogging, and can share ideas with one another. In the spirit of information sharing and coaching each other, for today's prompt we are sharing three blogging tips as part of Blog Everyday in May  Tip #1: Collect … [Read More...]


Summer Bucket List

Good morning friends and happy Saturday! How thrilled are you that we are on the brink of summer? We are about to start the season of long lazy days, trips to the beach, picnics in the park and lovely adventures. Knowing that we are about to jump into summer has inspired today’s prompt: What is on your summer bucket list? Since we have just moved into a new house, much of our summer will be … [Read More...]


Defining Beauty

Why hello lovers, and happy Friday! We are nearing the end of Blog Everyday in May, and it has been a challenge for sure. With the move, not having WiFi for a few days plus being manic at work it’s been tough at times. But, it’s been possible. This weekend is another Bank Holiday here in the UK, meaning we have Monday off. How divine is that? In celebration, Neal and I are heading to the coast … [Read More...]


Blogging Crushes… | Blog Everyday in May

There is something simply magical about the blogging community, where creative writers and dreamers can share ideas. I am constantly inspired by fellow bloggers in the blogging world, that I think it’s fun to share who we have little blogging crushes on. That’s what inspired me for today’s prompt all about our blogging crushes and why. I’ve been crushing on some of these blogs for years (yes, … [Read More...]


A Road Trip through Scotland

I love a good road trip. There is something about packing snacks, creating the perfect playlist and heading out to explore the unknown. A road trip means freedom and adventure, all at our pace. Knowing how much I love roadtrips, I was curious to hear about your favorite roadtrip as part of Blog Everyday in May  with the prompt: Have you ever been on a road trip? Where did you go? If not, where … [Read More...]


A Few Achievements | Blog Everyday in May

I don’t know if anyone else struggled with today’s prompt for Blog Everyday in May, sharing our achievements from the past decade, but oh my goodness I sure did. When I first came up with the idea, I thought we could just list one achievement per year from the past decade. And as I came to sit down for the post, I found myself stuck. I don’t really think of achievements all that much, or not my … [Read More...]


What Cheers Me Up | Blog Everyday in May

Hi friends and happy Monday! For today’s Positivity Monday and as part of Blog Everyday in May, I thought it would be grand to share 10 things that always makes us happy when we are stressed or blue. Here are my 10 fail proof ways to feel a bit more happy: Long Hot Showers: I have way to many lotions and potions to count, and I love nothing more than a hot shower to destress and gain a clear … [Read More...]

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What is Holding Me Back | Blog Everyday in May

Good morning friends! Happy Sunday. I am going to be honest. This girl is tired. Moving boxes up an down the stairs, sorting, organising....ugh. This is literally kicking my ass. Yesterday we moved the majority of our dining room and living room furniture, and started settling things in. For today, I have my eye on a few bookshelves, waredobes and any other “big” furniture. And even though my … [Read More...]


Struggles and Honesty | Blog Everyday in May

*Yawn* After only a few hours of moving yesterday, I have to tell you I am exhausted. Whew. I am not very good at lugging boxes back and forth.  Today is the big day of moving the majority of the furniture, organising and settling a bit in. The best part? I am seeing so much potential in this house, it is really exciting! Remember to follow along the moving-in fun on Instagram. But now, it's … [Read More...]

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