The Story of My Settlement Visa Process

2014-07-19 11.01.36

“Your settlement visa has been approved.” These were the words that I have wanted to hear since I arrived in the UK in June 2012, and they were finally spoken to me by a UK Home Office caseworker in Liverpool just last weekend. It took all in me not to weep with joy. Our paperwork hoop jumping … [continue]

Heartfelt & Wanderlusting: Q&A Session with True Colours

St. Andrews sunset

I’ve mentioned this before, one of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with bloggers from around the world. Bloggers with big hearts, big dreams and big passions. These are the bloggers that inspire me to stay connected, to keep on writing and engaging with the big old world of blogging. Today, I am beyond […]


Loving a Crazy Filled Life & Need Little Juju from You All

2014-07-17 15.17.05

Sigh. It’s finally, and I mean finally Friday. This week has been one word: manic. With offisite meetings with clients, proposals and pitches…making my to-do list fairly week has been nonstop.   But you know what? I have loved it. I love being busy, feeling useful and contributing. Coming up with new ideas or […]


Shaking Off a Case of the Grumpies

Since we are friends, I think I can admit something to you. Over the past few days, I have had a serious case of the grumpies. Feeling like the “to-do” list was too long, a bit homesick, overwhelmed at the visa process and trying to juggle at work. I have felt a bit of a […]


Summer Reads, Productivity Apps, Bright Sunshine & Pugs


Well yippee McSkippy my little honey dew drops… It’s Friday! Did you find yourself skipping into work today? {I’ll admit it, I kind of did.} Feeling light on the ground? Loving life and all that it has in store? Yahoo yahoo for Friday juju my love birds! And let’s kick this post off with Friday […]


Love, Marriage and Passports {Thoughts on Travel & Marriage}

Travel and Marriage Post.jpg

Well, hello my little kitten hearts! I have to admit, sometimes, I read a blog post from a fellow blogger and I love the idea and topic. I am inspired to write something similar, from my own perspective {while giving credit, of course}. Today’s post, is inspired by one of my favourite all-around travel bloggers, […]


Stopping to Smell the Roses | Visit to Bodnant Gardens

Rose Garden at Bodnant Gardens

Many times, I like to think that is nothing better than a stroll in the park on a sunny Saturday. Add that the park is a National Trust property just an hour from home, beautifully maintained in the heart of rose blooming season… what more do you need? A few weeks ago, we visited Bodnant […]


Celebrating Freedom… Sweet Sweet Freedom


Yippee McSkippy my darling little kittens, and Happy 4th of July!! Are you ready for a weekend of festivities and celebration and joy? I am. In fact, tonight many of my co-workers and I are heading out for dinner and drinks to celebrate good old American Independence Day. And when asked by my coworkers to […]


Summer Picnics & Beach Adventures: Life is Good

Life is Good

Hi my sweetheart friends, and welcome to my monthly Life is Good linkup! The aim of this linkup is to recount simple and happy moments from our previous month. The moments that made you smile or sighed with a big sigh of contentment. I invite you to write your own Life is Good post, linkup […]


Havin’ a Little Bit of a Happy Dance


Well hello my little jelly bean hearts, and HAPPY FRIDAY! Are you doing a happy dance, like the little penguin in Happy Feet? I’ll admit it, I kind of am. Needing a reminder of that cute little penguin? Here you go: I am dancing because this week was just a whole lot of wonderful. I […]


A Visit to Portmeirion Village {Revisiting a Favorite Spot!}

800X533 (6)

One of the magical things about living in Wales is being able to hop in the car,  and head to beautiful spot to explore.  And sometimes, it’s wonderful revisiting a spot because it is simply beautiful or memorable or just so distinct. That’s how it is with the lovely seaside resort of Portmeirion.   Located about […]


Let’s Clink Our Glasses to Summer & New Sponsorship Options!


Hello my little honey bees, have you been lovin’ this weekend that includes Summer Solstice? I know I am… walk at the lovely Bodnant Gardens yesterday {post coming soon} with strawberry picking today. I love when a season officially begins. It’s a breath of fresh air and a chance to mix up routine and try […]


Life in the UK Test, Stroll in the Park and a Creative Read

Travel Cats

Well hello my little gumdrop sweethearts, welcome to another Friday catchup. How was your week? Was it all that you hoped it would be? I’ve got to admit, that my week was pretty fan-diddly-tastic. Let me share a few moments, ready? On Monday, I headed into Liverpool to take my Life in the UK test. […]


Dreamin’ of Morocco {And a New Backyard}

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.00.53

As you all know by now, I am a big travel dreamer.  I dream of travels big and wide, across the UK, Europe and even beyond.  Now, no matter how big my travel dreams may be my travel budget is not. You know, paying the bills, the visa application and living day-to-day life.  So when […]


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