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Announcing Positivity Mondays: Let’s Lift Our Weeks!

I have been thinking or quite sometime about this lovely blog, and what I can do to expand ideas that I share here.  Over the past few months, I have been called a positive blogger by both readers and fellow bloggers. {Thank you! Oh so sweet off you say!} Then, in my Ask Me Anything […]

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Ending January with Joy

This week, it has been a full out whirlwind. With big projects, shifting in responsibilities and motivating fellow team mates ... I have used so much of my energy just keeping it all going forward. And since we are friends, I can honestly admit that I am ready to decompress, relax and recharge from … [Read More...]


Winter Adventures on the Glorious Isle of Anglesey

One of my favourite rules that Neal and I have is the simple sunny rule. The rule is easy, if it is a sunny day we head out for a bit of adventure and fresh air. Maybe it's from my roots of coming from the Pacific Northwest and savoring sunny days. Maybe it's that Wales inspires me to get us out the … [Read More...]


3 Ways to Add More Joy & Positivity

I believe that positivity is contagious. When we bring positive energy to work or into our personal day-to-day relationships those we are around become a bit happier too. And really, if you think about it, how powerful is that? But where do we get the source of our positivity from? I am often asked … [Read More...]


A Perfectly Good Week

Hi friends! Are you loving that we have arrived to the end of another week? Do you feel energized and fulfilled? I have to admit something: I do! I am feeling pretty darn amazing, and for no real reason. It's been just a good week. At least a week filled to the brim with vast amounts of Positive … [Read More...]


Hitting Recalibrate on the Blog and Asking for Your Help

Since we are friends, I feel it's time to be honest and make a bit of a confession: I've been struggling a bit with this blogging space for a few months now. Now, don't get me wrong I still love blogging. I love the idea of being creative and writing, and story-telling. But maybe I have hit a bit … [Read More...]

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Let’s Train Our Brains Happy

Hi friends!  Remember last Friday, when I chatted about having a positive upbeat mental attitude can lift our moods?  It's kind of amazing really. Each day last week, I headed into work knowing I was aiming to make it the best day possible.  I worked to add more laughter,  more gratitude, more joy … [Read More...]


Creating My Own Magic

Well hello my wonderful and loving friends! Happy happy Friday to you. I hope that you have had a wonderful week, because I am going to be honest mine kind of rocked.  Not because it was amazing or perfect, but because I started everyday looking for ways to make it rock.  No really!   You … [Read More...]

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A Moment with the Statue of Liberty

  During our trip to New York City, I made a specific point of trekking down to Lower Manhattan, heading out with coffee in hand for the Staten Island ferry to grab a view of the iconic Statue of Liberty.  Although I've viewed the lovely lady before, this time was just different.   Now, I … [Read More...]

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Birthday Wishes to My #1 Honey Bunny…

Well hello my lovely kittens, and today I thought I would treat you with a second post as it is my main man’s birthday. With that, in true blogger fashion, I thought I would write a letter to my beloved on his birthday. And since Neal is an avid reader of the blog, I know […]