Finding My Blogging Spark Again

blogging spark

Somehow, just somehow, another blogging year has passed and here am celebrating my 2nd birthday of my sweet little blogging space. How did that happen? How did another year pass me, and this blog by? And then you think about it, that's one of the reasons why I invest so much time in blogging. To … [continue]

Change One Word and Change Your Perspective

Change Your Question

*Sigh* Have you ever noticed that one of the first things we say to another person after hearing a sigh, is asking what’s wrong.  Sure, there is some empathy deeply embedded there, wanting to help a friend or loved one.  But sometimes, we are bracing for bad news or for something to be wrong. And […]


Let’s Pour a Little Love into the World


Hi kitten cats and welcome to another Friday. Whew. I know I am ready for the weekend, are you? First, thank you for the sweet wishes last week, as I said goodbye to our pup George. It felt good to get some of my thoughts and feelings out into the world, and I like to […]


5 Favorite Spots in Chester, England

Chester City

I am lucky enough to hop on a bus, and cross the Wales-England border to head to work. The heart of the city center is the stunning background of my Friday selfies: with classic architecture, cathedrals and of course the oh-so British telephone booths and post boxes. I’ve been working in Chester for nearly two […]


Ending My Week with an Ode to George


Whelp, hello my loves. And I have to admit, this Friday couldn’t get here soon enough. This week, in short, has kicked my ass… plain and simple. For that reason alone, I am smiling this Friday morning… {And with sort of crazy eyes, if you ask me…} I feel exhausted and slightly over extended in […]


Building a Blogging Community: Blogging Advice for My Sister

Building Community

I know that I love giving my sister advice, first about traveling then about her wedding day… but now we have moved onto a whole new level: blogging and social media. You see, she is currently taking a course on social media: follower engagement, overall brand awareness and web presence for her job for a […]


10 Moments that Rocked My July

2014-07-05 17.33.45

Well hello my love bunnies!  And hooray for Friday and welcoming a brand new month of August. {August!?! Seriously? Wasn’t it just April? Where is the year going?}   With the beginning of the new month, we of course have our monthly gathering of our Life is Good Moments.  This is our moment to catch […]


Getting Stumped by the Blinking Cursor

Blinking Cursor

I am staring at the most ominous of all things for a blogger: the blinking cursor and a blank screen. I have ideas swirling in my head for post ideas, series or even new linkups but I can’t seem to get the words down. It’s bigger than a single post, an editorial calendar or plain […]


When Your Best Girl Friend Gets Married, And You Can’t Be There: Sending Wedding Wishes to Seattle


Hello my dear sweet friends, I am happy to have you here for our weekly catchup before hopping into the weekend. How was your week? Busy? Fulfilling? Challenging? Restful? Whatever your week brought you, I hope it added a little pep to your step . This week has been hot and muggy, making me feel […]


The Story of My Settlement Visa Process

2014-07-19 11.01.36

“Your settlement visa has been approved.” These were the words that I have wanted to hear since I arrived in the UK in June 2012, and they were finally spoken to me by a UK Home Office caseworker in Liverpool just last weekend. It took all in me not to weep with joy. Our paperwork […]


Heartfelt & Wanderlusting: Q&A Session with True Colours

St. Andrews sunset

I’ve mentioned this before, one of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with bloggers from around the world. Bloggers with big hearts, big dreams and big passions. These are the bloggers that inspire me to stay connected, to keep on writing and engaging with the big old world of blogging. Today, I am beyond […]


Loving a Crazy Filled Life & Need Little Juju from You All

2014-07-17 15.17.05

Sigh. It’s finally, and I mean finally Friday. This week has been one word: manic. With offisite meetings with clients, proposals and pitches…making my to-do list fairly week has been nonstop.   But you know what? I have loved it. I love being busy, feeling useful and contributing. Coming up with new ideas or […]


Shaking Off a Case of the Grumpies

Since we are friends, I think I can admit something to you. Over the past few days, I have had a serious case of the grumpies. Feeling like the “to-do” list was too long, a bit homesick, overwhelmed at the visa process and trying to juggle at work. I have felt a bit of a […]


Summer Reads, Productivity Apps, Bright Sunshine & Pugs


Well yippee McSkippy my little honey dew drops… It’s Friday! Did you find yourself skipping into work today? {I’ll admit it, I kind of did.} Feeling light on the ground? Loving life and all that it has in store? Yahoo yahoo for Friday juju my love birds! And let’s kick this post off with Friday […]


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