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Announcing Positivity Mondays: Let’s Lift Our Weeks!

I have been thinking or quite sometime about this lovely blog, and what I can do to expand ideas that I share here.  Over the past few months, I have been called a positive blogger by both readers and fellow bloggers. {Thank you! Oh so sweet off you say!} Then, in my Ask Me Anything […]

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Well, hip hip hooray it’s Friday my love kittens! Are you as happy as I am that we are wrapping this week up? I have to be honest with you all, this has been a bit of weird week for me. I’ve been in and out of the office, taking a bit of time to enjoy some British delights with Becky and Claire … [Read More...]

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Write Your Story

Storytelling. Documenting life. Adventures and mistrials. Victories and defeat. Without a doubt, storytelling is one of my favorite reasons for dedicating time to this blogging space. A few weeks ago, I found myself scrolling through my archives and in one fell swoop moment I was so glad I have been … [Read More...]


Feeling Content. Feeling Happy.

Yahoo friends! It's Friday! Are you doing a happy dance just like me? You know what's even better? Today, March 20th, is International Day of Happiness? It's true! How fantastic is that? A whole idea all about happiness, creating happier relationships and communities and spreading joy. This is a … [Read More...]

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5 Fave Spots in Ireland

Hi friends, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have to tell you, I am ready to have a pint of Guinness and toast to one of my favorite places in the world: Ireland. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to travel to Ireland a few times over the years, and each time my heart becomes more and more … [Read More...]

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Ways to Have a Good Day

Have you ever thought about the steps to have a good day? How to walk away from the negative energy but building positive energy each day? I’ll admit it, even for myself, it can be tough to always have a little pep in my step. I do believe that there are steps that each of us can apply to our … [Read More...]

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Geeking Out at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Judge if you’d like, but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all of the books (more than once) and seen the movies at midnight showings. I’ve won trivia games along with challenging friends on favorite professor or characters. Yup, I’m that girl. So imagine my delight to be able to visit the … [Read More...]


Exceptionally British: The Queen, Harry Potter & Old Pubs

Whelp. My apologies for the radio silence over the past week friends. It’s been a manic past week away, starting on Saturday in Oxford and Cotswolds then heading to London. We had a whirlwind few days in London filled with sunshine and thousands and thousands of steps tracked. From Greenwich to … [Read More...]


Celebrating Friday with BIG News

Hi friends! How has your week been? Good, busy? Challenging? I have to admit, this week ha been exhausting and challenging and stressful. But the good points, is that I am learning to lead and motivate my teammates. To inspire each other, and even get excited over deadlines and stress. {I've also … [Read More...]

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