Fave Moments from Day Drinking with Hubs {Wild & Wondrous Wales}

Welsh Country Pub

Neal and I are always up for new adventures, trying new things and making laughter.  Which is just what we had last weekend, when we joined up for the Real Ale Festival! Essentially, for the enitre Saturday afternoon we hopped from pub to pub, sampling ales and having well…fun.  Along the way, I learned a few lessons about the joys of day drinking in Wales. I hope you enjoy this slighty unconventional Wild & Wondrous Wales, because let me tell you an all day beer festival in the remote countryside of Wales was pretty wild and wondrous. With that, here are a few favorite moments during a … [Continue reading]

Flying Solo & an Airport Goodbye

Flying Solo

In just a few days, I will be heading back to America….alone.  You see, Neal and I are flying separately out for this trip with me leaving this Friday and Neal leaving next Wednesday.  And this is the first time I have flown solo since being married, and the first airport good-bye we have had since March 2012.  I can handle flying solo, but the airport goodbye triggers memories of when we stood at departures, trying to be brave but failing. Remember, N & I were in an international long distance relationship between Wales and Seattle for 18 months.  Our LDR included many  tearful goodbyes … [Continue reading]

A Little Bit of Hustlin’ & A Little Bit of Fun

Well hello Friday, I could kiss you right now. You know what, I think I will. *Mwah.*   And hello to you to my dear and beloved reader, I am thrilled to bits that you are here. How has your week been? Filled with excitement and joy and too much coffee I hope.  My week has been a crazy whirlwind filled with my first presentation at work {about blogging, whoot!} to a professional photo shoot at work {where I forgot my change of outfits} to catch up with clients. But it wasn't all work, I finally got around to watch Frozen and boy-oh-boy that snowman is damn funny.  Plus, I had a fab cocktail … [Continue reading]

On Feeling Beautiful & My Typical Saturday Morning…

Blogger Prompt Session

One thing that I always want this blog to be about is about writing and storytelling.  Imagine my delight when I came across a linkup all about responding to a set of prompts. How fun, right?  I always love responding to prompts as I think it is a divine way to help us to continue to get to know each other. With that, here we go... On Saturday morning, I usually wake up around 7 am and call for Freddy to hop up onto bed.  This leads to a good hour of puppy snuggling to start my day, which I believe is the best wake up call. Our puppy snuggling session will lead to us padding down the … [Continue reading]

Check it Off the Wales Bucket List: A Snuggle with a Welsh Lamb

Welsh Sheep Lambs

Ah, bucket lists. Those long life to-do lists, to drive our adventures, personal growth and exploration.  You know, the bucket list items it may take … [Continue reading]

SEO for Bloggers: Technical Bits & Bobs

Technical SEO Steps

Greetings my little honey bunny kittens, and welcome to another edition of SEO for Bloggers! Before we dive into today's post, know that I am super … [Continue reading]

Taking on this Week with Unbridled Enthusiasm


Hello hello hello my little jelly bean hearts, and happy Friday to you!   This week has been all about enthusiasm!!  Loving the small moments in life, … [Continue reading]

Beach Day: Isle of Anglesey {Wild & Wondrous Wales}

Freddy & Neal

Do you ever have one of those Sundays when the sun is shining bright, and is calling for adventures? When the day is filled with bright possibilities, … [Continue reading]

Catching Up on a Few Blogging Resolutions & Goals

Blogging Resolution Catchup.jpg

Yippee McSkippy my loves, can you believe that we are rolling into the month of April? Seriously? When did that happen? {I'm not going to lie, I am … [Continue reading]

My Love Meter is Feeling Pretty Full


Yippee McSkippy my kittens, and welcome to another Friday that we get to share together. I love these little mini-catchups sessions, don't you?  I … [Continue reading]

When a Kiwi Walks into a London Pub…


I love when my blog becomes a meeting point for bloggers, especially expat bloggers who are from other corners of the globe. To say it's fun is a … [Continue reading]

A Letter to My 22 Year Old Self

Letter to Self

One welcomed surprise in my new job is my team members.  Sure, they are wonderfully friendly, funny and welcoming.  But the surprising part? Their … [Continue reading]

SEO & Blogging: Intro to Series and Glossary of Terms

SERP with Meta Description

Well hello my little buttercups and happy Sunday to you all! As I've mentioned a few times before, I have been brainstorming ideas about SEO and how … [Continue reading]

A Little Bit of Juggling & Welcoming Spring!

Welsh Sheep Lambs

.Well hello my little honey bunny buttercups, and who is excited that Friday is finally upon us? {Wave your hands like you just don’t care, because I … [Continue reading]

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