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Find Your Happy. Discover Your Passion.

Have you ever thought about how sometimes we can limit ourselves or be our biggest critic? What we stop big ideas from coming out of our mouths in meetings or hold back passion on a project? When we hold back those moments, we are limiting all that we can do and bring to the world. Let's stop limiting ourselves. Let's stop being our biggest critics. Let's stop doubt and fear from ruling our next steps. Instead, let's live up to our destinies, to our passions and to our greatest desires. Are you know thinking, "Great idea, but easier said than done Belinda. I have no idea where to start." How about by reflecting on what brings you joy and happiness. What feeds your soul? What makes you simply happy? I believe that when we feel happiness and joy, we are  on a sweet path close to finding our passions. Professionally or personally, both are lead with joy, happiness and simply feeling like a rock star.  For me, I am happiest when I feel like I am making a positive impact, when I … [Read More...]

Instagram Fun

  • Setting myself a #blogging challenge for May, with a good old back to the roots of writing everyday! Oh yeah! Launching the prompts tomorrow, hope you can join in!
  • Big fluffy clouds, big floppy ears... So much joy. ?
  • Each spring, the fields nearby burst into the most beautiful and bright yellow of rapeseed. I adore these seasonal yellow fields, as a marker of spring and that summer is right around the corner.  I also love this bright (and natural) hue of yellow. Cheers me up each time we drive by one! ??
  • We love beach days!
  • A sandy pup is a happy pup. Freddy is no exception!
  • Sunshine, coffee and my great love. This girl doesn't need much more! ?
  • It's a sunny Sunday which means one thing: heading to the coast for beach time! (I promise Freddy is more excited that he seems to be in this pic!) Make today great friends! ☀️?
  • Did I mention this vintage shop also had a cafe with crepes? Merging of two lovely things make for a delightful afternoon!

Lovely Musings


Hip Hip Hooray!

Hi friends and hip hip hooray for Friday!  I have to tell you, the weather this week has been glorious.  Bright and sunny skies with lovely warm weather, it has felt more like June that April.  One day I even enjoyed part of my lunch break in the nearby park and the fresh air and vitamin D was simply perfect. And even with the bright sunshine, it was challenging, busy and uber productive week … [Read More...]


Being Honest About My Visa Process

Living abroad is a romantic, photo-worthy and an ongoing adventure, but it is also expensive, stressful and time consuming process to feel {and actually become legally} settled. I'll admit, our love story is a bit of a whirlwind and has such an air of romance that even when I tell someone new, it feels like the plot of a movie. Meeting in a bar in New York, getting engaged over Skype... all … [Read More...]


Embrace the Weird

Since we are friends, I will admit something to you: I am a bit quirky. Or really, quirky is a nice way of saying that I am just a bit weird. I’ve always been a little bit different than what is defined as “normal”, and it has taken me a long time to embrace my weirdness. Like my love of dancing at work, or singing along to show tunes. Or having so much excitement that I literally jump for joy. … [Read More...]


Let’s Treat Ourselves Today!

Well hello Friday, how much I love you and happy to see you again. Oh, and of course... I am happy to see you again to. How was your week? Did you have victories and joy? I sure do hope so, because you know what? That’s what you deserve. Boom. Virtual fist bump. {If you want one.} And even if you had a challenging week that’s okay too because it’s Friday and we have time to recoup this weekend … [Read More...]


An Expat Moment of Bliss and Clarity

Why hello my darlings. I had a moment last weekend, that I just had to share with you all. Last Saturday, we headed out towards the beach for another day of adventures here in Wales. The sun was shining and although the it was fairly windy, the day was simply beautiful. There I was, driving along the coastline of Anglesey and I felt wonderful. Actually, beyond wonderful. While we drove and … [Read More...]

2013-03-29 12.08.51

Make Your Own Macaron Moment

When ever I have been asked on what to do while in Paris, I always have the same reply, “Have a macaron moment.” We had one while we were in Paris in 2013, and it was simply divine. Here is how our macaron moment unfolded: For one whole day, we strolled about Paris with a box of macarons with no agenda. Well, actually the agenda was to simply sit,enjoy and people watch. We stopped and had … [Read More...]


Whoop Whoop- Celebrating the End of a Banana Crazy Week!

Well hello friends, and HAPPY FRIDAY! I have to tell you I am so happy to have made it to the end of this week, as this week has been banana crazy. Yes, banana crazy is now a descriptive phrase. The reason why I am using my new phrase of 'banana crazy', is because one of my BIG projects when live this week and I was nervous. So nervous that I actually wore my lucky jewellery the day the website … [Read More...]

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Creating a Personal Mantra

Do you have a mantra? A mantra has the potential to be a powerful tool in keeping a positive attitude. Having a mantra can be a simple phrase that boosts your inner confidence, helps you to walk with pride and keeps your focus during stressful moments. My one mantra that I have running in my head is pretty simple, “Let joy, magic and passion be at the center, and everything else will fall into … [Read More...]

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